Norma Arroyo & SINU.

Who is Norma Arroyo and SINU ?

Norma Arroyo Ines Arroyo, founder of SINU. Shes is a young entrepenur from Sincelejo, Northern coast of Colombia.

Before founding SINU, Norma worked for Bloomberg LP, but one year ago she decided to create a way to express her culture, values and principles through fashion. At that time SINU was born.

What does SINU mean?

In the words of Norma, SINU is the name of a river and a tribe from the Colombian savannah. Caribben cattle land with a cheerful atmosphere  and an eternal summer that makes this land a place of charm an unique personality.

That is SINU

SINU is a way to express the culture of the Colombian Savannah thorough fashion. SINU dedicates its products to women who want something different, women who care for themselves, women who want to overcome every day challenge and women who want to succeed in their lives.

Like its creator, SINU is a way to express to the world the talent, hard work, genius and fashion of all women from Colombia and especially of all women in Sincelejo and the Caribbean Savannah.

SINU is projecting itself on being an important brand in Colombia and the world.

Target Market 

SINU is a brand aimed at women between 25 and 45 years old who study and / or work and have medium-high socioeconomic level. Dynamic women, with active social life, who are interested in new cultures, which are attracted to the independent design and like to invest in their style with differentiating pieces within it.



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