Aaron Alnatural

What is Aaron Alnatural?

For pet and nature lovers in search of special products, Aaron Alnatural is a brand that offers exclusive designs inspired on a French bulldog, through a diversified portfolio conform by notebooks, thermos, mug and blouses. By acquiring Aaron Alnatural products we and our clients contribute to Colombian animal care foundations.


Company’s mission

Aaron Alnatural is a brand developed by A.G Corp S.A.S, a Colombian company which aims to contribute to Colombian environmental, social and economic development through innovative solutions and attractive environmental alternative for our customers, creating value for society, customers, employees and shareholders.


Animal care foundations contribution

Aaron Alnatural seeks to contribute to animal care by supporting two animal protective foundations: Fundación Paraíso de la Mascota and Fundación Unidad Animal, both located in Cali – Colombia. Colombia.

Aaron’s Products

Mini notebooks


Notebooks (1 and 5 subjects)





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