Buyer Guidelines


Plixur is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell goods.

Any user of Plixur, should be prohibit to violate by laws or statutes regulating business in the United State

Sellers, entrepreneurs and companies have to give a long description about their products (tools, ingredients, materials and etc……)

Prohibited items, services, and items that violate our intellectual property policies are not allowed on Plixur.

Plixur Shops are Independent Businesses

You must be 18 or older to use our Services. Otherwise, you may only use our Services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Plixur shops have their own policies, payment methods, and shipping and fulfillment methods. Shops on Plixur must meet Plixur’s standards of customer service and honor their shop’s policies. In the unlikely event that a transaction does not go as planned, the buyer and seller should work together to reach a resolution. If they can’t reach a resolution, they can use Plixur Help.

Honesty is important to Plixur and our community. We ask that shop owners represent themselves, their business, and their items accurately.

Learn more about buying and selling on Plixur in our Seller Guidelines, Buyer Guidelines, and Community Guidelines.

Plixur’s Trust and Safety team may reach out to shops in violation of these guidelines. While we prefer to help you bring your shop into compliance with our rules, Plixur may close shops that do not comply.

We reserve the right to remove listings that aren’t in the letter or spirit of Plixur’s guidelines.

Buyer Guidelines

When you buy from a shop on Plixur, you’re directly supporting an independent business.

Because each shop or business on Plixur is unique, policies, payment methods, processing acceptance, and shipping methods will vary. If you have a question about an item or an order, you should contact the shop or business company directly using Conversations.

We ask that shops meet Plixur’s standards of customer service and honor their own policies. After you’ve purchased an item, you can leave a review. If you have a problem with an order and are unable to reach a resolution with the seller, you can use Plixur Help In order to have the best experience onPlixur, be sure to read shop policies and listings carefully. Keep in mind that we do not protect transactions that are completed off of Plixur.

Community Guidelines

Plixur members can use community spaces to inspire each other, share and discuss ideas, and build independent creative businesses. Community spaces include the Forums.

To make sure that Plixur continues to be a place that’s safe and respectful, we ask that you:

  • Be over 18 years old in order to participate in community spaces.
  • Use Conversations to facilitate business. Don’t use Conversations to spam or harass others.
  • Respect other members’ privacy. Private or personally identifying information should not be shared in public areas of the site.
  • Don’t use any of the tools or features on Plixur to interfere with another member’s business.
  • Be respectful. Content posted in community spaces must not promote, support, or glorify hatred.

As a member of the community, you have the opportunity to flag an item or a shop that doesn’t meet Plixur Guidelines. Flagging is confidential.

Contributing to Plixur’s Community

In order to make sure that Plixur’s community spaces remain safe and respectful, we ask that all members adhere to the following rules:

  • Above all, treat one another with respect. Remember, there is a real person behind each name.
  • You may not engage in targeted abuse or harassment.
  • You may not publish or post threats of violence against others. You must not promote or encourage others to engage in violence or illegal activity.
  • You may not disparage a specific member, shop, or item (identifiable by name or specific details) with no constructive, negative posts.
  • Content posted in community spaces must not promote, support, or glorify hatred toward or otherwise demean people based upon: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation.